Vivi360 Recovery Solution
Vivi360 Recovery Solution


Vivi360 is a comprehensive solution that includes wearable health tracking devices, the ViviClinic treatment dashboard for clinicians, and the ViviCompanion smartphone app for people in recovery. Vivi360 is powered by a machine-learning-driven insight engine that identifies client's risk of treatment failure, monitors various conditions, assesses stress levels, shows positive/negative affect, and warns about potential problem locations or sobriety violations, and more.

This all-in-one, easy-to-use client insight system identifies first concerns, delivers actionable observations, supports telehealth, streamlines care & identifies trends.

Ongoing & real-time

Unique & relevant

Telehealth capabilities at your fingertips

Trends & patterns

Sleep analysis

Critical vitals

Stress & mood

Location & movement

Coming Fall 2020

Our insight engine intelligently generates real-time insights about the person in recovery using machine learning & AI.

  • Everything you need: apps, communication hubs, BAC monitors & wearable health devices.
  • Automated utilization reviews & notes.
  • Objective outcomes during & after treatment.
  • Telemedicine support including remote monitoring and interactive care.

Support at each episode of care across the continuum, within and across programs.





partial hospitalization

Partial hospitalization

Intensive outpatient

Intensive outpatient

Sober living

Sober living