For People in Recovery

ViviCompanion app on smartphone

Get started with ViviCompanion

Stay connected to your recovery with the ViviCompanion mobile app. With you every step of the way, ViviCompanion provides real-time support, quick connection to your circle of support, and  self-care resources. It delivers insight into your vitals, well-being, sleep, and more.

ViviCompanion connects with wearable health devices that monitor heart rate, movement, and other metrics. It’s available to clients at treatment centers utilizing the Vivi360 Recovery Solution. 

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Stay connected to your circle of support

Have real conversations with your support system about your recovery.

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Supportive cues keep your plan top-of-mind

Get valuable alerts and reminders around important locations and times to help you follow your treatment plan.

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Practice self-care in your path to recovery

Focus and reflect with short activities tuned to your mind and body, be more aware of your mood, emotions & more.

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Stays with you after treatment

Keeps you connected during treatment and continues support after you leave the treatment program.

ViviCompanion app on smartphone with health monitoring devices

Keep track of your well-being, progress, and milestones throughout your recovery journey to stay engaged and motivated.

Telehealth capabilities allow you to access treatment support while social distancing.

Check in on your mood, journal your recovery process, and practice mindfulness with meditation resources.

Daily inspiration and accountability for more effective and lasting recovery.

Improve yourself and better understand your rhythms and your body.

Sleep Quality

Stress Levels


Fitness & energy