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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform recovery treatment through insights and technology to support sustainable and lasting recovery that saves and improves lives.

Saving and improving lives. That's what ViviHealth is all about.

We believe recovery can be improved through intentional, personalized care. Using our experience as recovery treatment practitioners and technology experts, we’ve developed objective ways to engage recovery beyond simply monitoring a few client attributes.

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Transformational insights for the addiction professional.

We live in a rapidly changing world. Technology has emerged to track well-being, enable remote meetings, and process enormous amounts of real-time health data more efficiently. ViviHealth is harnessing and sharpening that capability to produce innovative health understandings, giving addiction practitioners new tools for building a more effective therapeutic alliance.

Taking the guesswork out of predicting client relapse.

We employ predictive analytics to uncover the risk of relapse and AMA before it happens. Timely interventions can enhance clinical outcomes and improve treatment effectiveness for clinicians helping those in recovery from substance abuse, sexual addiction, and more. Our insight engine provides augmented intelligence to treatment professionals, giving them access to world-class clinical monitoring, facility-level oversight, and empirical outcomes data.

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