Vivi360 is a comprehensive insight platform that combines real-time health monitoring devices, clinical insight dashboards, telehealth support, and personalized client care applications to make recovery treatment more effective. Vivi360 delivers empirical clinical outcomes built on years of evidence-based scientific research from top universities and board-certified addictionologists.

Scientifically-supported recovery insights at your fingertips.

Leverage real-time, patient-specific insights to deliver evidence-based support and recovery care.

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Behavioral health professional uses a digital tablet during a session with a patient

We turn real-world client condition & activity into understanding.

ViviClinic’s triage system makes it easy to track client progress and prioritize care. Our insight engine provides actionable, client-specific insights to empower clinicians with the necessary understanding to improve care.

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  • Photo of Emily E. Meyers
    Vivi360 allows our clinicians to have real-time insight into the condition and activity of clients, which is helping us provide lasting recovery care to our clients.
    Emily E. Meyers, LPC
    Executive Director, Longbranch Healthcare
  • Photo of Lois Jordan
    The Vivi360 Recovery System gives us ongoing, relevant insight into how our clients are doing. It's transformed our treatment environment and helped us provide a safe and healing space for our clients and their families.
    Lois Jordan
    Owner/Director, Solutions Outpatient Services
  • Photo of Althea Menard-Greenlee
    The Vivi360 system gives us real-time insight into how patients are doing. It is helping us create a healing space for those in recovery.
    Althea Menard-Greenlee
    L-H Transitional Center

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