Frequently Asked Questions

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How often can I check insight reports for my client?

You can check client insights and status as often as you like. Most of our clinicians review insights in the 5-10 minutes before an appointment and/or for the first 5-10 minutes during an appointment. Think of us Vivi360 as a helpful assistant, providing you with insights at your fingertips when you need them to help guide the clinical conversation with your client.

Can I use the ViviCompanion app without being a part of a treatment center program?

Initially the ViviCompanion app is available to patients at treatment centers utilizing the Vivi360 Recovery Solution. A release will be coming later in 2021 that makes ViviCompanion available for anyone.

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    Is the Vivi360 Recovery Solution available for my recovery treatment center?

    The outpatient version of the Vivi360 Recovery System is available to select treatment centers now. Our inpatient and detox solutions will be available in 2021.

    Is Vivi360 HIPAA-compliant?

    Yes. ViviHealth takes privacy seriously. All of our systems include HIPAA compliant standards and meet stringent data-encryption standards.

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